5 Predictions for Bachelorette Premiere
1. Lots of Toasts 
Since Hannah famously flopped at her first toast with Colton, you can bet a lot of the men will be raising a glass to new beginnings.
2. Half of the view time will just be dedicated to various Bachelorette watch parties. 
The last premiere, a majority of airtime was not spent on meeting the contestants, but on the various superfans who host bachelorette viewing parties. Don't get me wrong- I'm not knocking the viewing parties. But I am here for the DRAMA, The JOURNEY TO FIND LOVE.... or at least the JOURNEY TO BECOME LIKABLE ENOUGH TO END UP ON BACHELOR IN PARADISE. Not to see a group of random people in matching Hanna B shirts eating dip and watching TV.
3. The Beast Will be Released 

Hannah Beast, Miss Alabamas alter Ego, is sure to be tempted out by one of her suitors. Wheater the best is brought out by request or drama that remains to be seen...
4. Someone will show you in costume. 
On Becca's season, it was a chicken, on Coltons it was a sloth. Maybe in a few years, we will have spanned the animal kingdom?
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