Who lives, who dies, who tells the story?
Here are the betting favorites for episode 1. 

If your name is Greyjoy, your chances of living to see episode 2 don't look good.
 Euron Greyjoy is the betting favorite to be the first character killed with odds at +210. Yara Greyjoy isn't far behind, as the next most likely to die with odds at +250.  Her brother, Theon Greyjoy, more or less completed his Character ark after his conversation with Jon Snow and rallying his remaining troops to rescue Yara. With his storyline pretty wrapped up, its no surprise that he falls as the fourth most popular bet to die first at +750.
Winter is here, but the eternal cold will be coming for Sansa first.

Sansa Stark is the most likely of her family to die first at +350, followed by Arya at +5000 with Jon in a distant third at +8000. 

Lannisters always pay their debts and based on the number people murdered at their hands it is going be a large due owned. Middle child Jamie leads the pack at +1000, with his sister/lover/baby mama as the next most likely at +1200. Being the baby of the family really comes in hand-y for Tyrion, who comes in at +5000, the least likely of his family to be killed in the first game of thrones episode. 

As for who lives, with Bran as the betting favorite to sit on the Iron Throne, it’s a given that he will make it through at least the first episode.

But then again this is the same show that has a reputation for killing off main characters and not playing by any predictable rules. Lord help us because tonight's premiere is going to be long and full of terrors.

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We are losing our heads over the Game of Thrones Premiere Tonight! 
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